Preliminary Event
A collection of events that will be held in Jakarta and the surrounding areas before the main event that will be held in Bali. The Preliminary Event aims to provide groups who have passed the audition stage the opportunity to perform in various unique spaces around the area. The faster you register for IOEF, the more opportunities to perform will be available. There will be no additional fee or cost that will be incurred for the Preliminary Event. 

Opening Ceremony
The Festival Committee welcomes and introduces all participants and festival faculty. The Festival Board of Directors will officially start IOEF 2022.

Leaders’ Tea Time
The Festival Committee invites the representatives of each group to join the Leaders’ Tea Time to get to know each other to start new friendships and open up possible collaborations in the future.

Group performance (indoor & outdoor stages)
IOEF serves as a platform for participating groups to share their music in front of the public. In this special summer edition in Bali, there will be two venues: the beautiful outdoor stage and the more formal indoor auditorium.
Note: groups may apply in which venues they would like to perform; the IOEF committee will decide which venue suits the group the most.

Performance Evaluation & Awarding System
A constructive feedback and evaluation will be given along with Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards based on the group's achievement during their participation in IOEF. The decision of the jury shall be deemed final. Awards are given according to the groups’ total scores.
a.   Gold : 90 – 100
b.   Silver : 80 – 89
c.   Bronze : 70 – 79
d.   Celebration : 65 - 69

Group Masterclass
Group Masterclass will be conducted by distinguished IOEF Festival Faculty who are specially flown to Bali to share their knowledge and experience to help improve your group’s performance. Get insightful tips and tricks for your future rehearsals back at your own place.

Introduction to Balinese Culture
Specially crafted program for the summer edition of IOEF Bali. Collaborating with local musicians and dancers, this is a special class to learn about the magnificent sound of Balinese Gamelan or the fascinating Balinese dance you will treasure for a lifetime!
* limited slots, based on a first come first serve basis

Gala Concert
A spectacular gala concert that will feature the home orchestra of IOEF, Trinity Youth Symphony Orchestra (TRUST). There will be a remarkable collaboration between TRUST and the Guest Stars and Meet the Orchestra’s musicians.

Closing Ceremony
A concert marks the end of IOEF. The committee will choose several outstanding groups from the participant list to perform at this concert. The Award Ceremony will be presented at the end of the concert.

Meet the Orchestra
Meet the Orchestra is a program which provides an opportunity for individual participants who wish to perform in an orchestra but never had the chance to join any group beforehand. This program will give participants first-hand experience of being involved in an orchestra, from preparation to performing, as well as learning the fundamentals of orchestra. Meet the Orchestra participants will collaborate with TRUST at the Gala Concert.