IOEF Virtual Group Performance 2021 - OSUI Mahawaditra - Engklek

Posted on 07/06/2021

Indonesia Orchestra & Ensemble Festival 2021 - Virtual Group Performance

Orkes Simfoni Universitas Indonesia Mahawaditra or OSUI Mahawaditra is a symphony orchestra established at Universitas Indonesia. The name "Mahawaditra" comes from the Sanskrit language. "Maha" means great while "Waditra" means sound. Combined, "Mahawaditra" means great sound. Currently, OSUI Mahawaditra is the oldest university symphony orchestra in Indonesia with its members from the non-music department.

This song depicts the Indonesian traditional game ‘Engklek’, where players make squares on the ground and then jump from one box to another using one foot, resembling hopscotch.

Group Name: OSUI Mahawaditra

Conductor’s Name: Michael Budiman Mulyadi

Song Title: Engklek

Composer: Fero Aldiansya Stefanus

Video Editor & Sound Engineer: Oryza Wibisono & Pradya Brahmaputra